TrueBinding Inc. is an early stage biotherapeutics development company focused on creating new and exciting molecules for applications in immuno-oncology and other disease areas with great unmet medical need including neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Based on the application of the TruebindingTM platform, TrueBinding has to date discovered over 6 novel ligands, previously uncharacterized, to receptors of known checkpoint inhibitor pathways.



Our proprietary TrueBindingTM technology is proven to be a powerful tool to discover new targets and their binding partners. Our technology is superior to other traditional approaches. The novel interactions identified by TrueBindingTM technology are confirmed in various in vitro and in vivo assays. TrueBinding, Inc has over sixteen patent applications in its portfolio protecting discoveries and their utility.



TrueBinding, Inc has a number of programs in its portfolio at different stages of development. Our lead program focused on characterization of a new ligand for Tim-3 already completed in vitro validation, antibody development and pre-clinical in vivo efficacy stages, and is currently in the late stage of pre-clinical development. A number of additional programs are in the early discovery stages ranging from target validation to lead antibody development.



Dr. Dongxu Sun
Co-founder &  CEO

Lead discovery efforts at ImmuNext

Successfully identified new protein binding interactions in cytokine signaling pathways

Project Scientist at Cleveland Clinic

Postdoctoral training at Cornell Medical College

Dr. Fan Chen
SVP of Biologics and CMC

20+ years of experience in Bioprocess Development

VP of Process Development at LakePharma

Senior Leader of Process Development at Dendreon and MedImmune



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Senior Scientist/Scientist Immune Oncology

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with experience in immunology or related fields to join us at this exciting moment. The primary focus of the job is identification and characterization of novel targets and contribution in the development of new drugs for cancer immunotherapy and other disease indications.

Education and Experience: 

  • Ph.D, or Master with 5-year working experience in Immunology or related fields. 

  • Expertise in ex vivo assays assessing various immune populations, including T cells, macrophages, and DCs

  • Experience in in vivo mouse tumor models is a plus

  • Expertise in multi-color (>5 color) flow cytometer

  • A willingness to learn and adopt new experimental skills as needed.

If interested, please contact Dr. Sun at

MD.  Mitchel Berger

Chair of neurological surgery department at UCSF

Director of the Brain Tumor Research Center

President, American Association of Neurological Surgeons

President, American Academy of Neurological Surgery

Professor Debbie Thurmond

Key opinion leader in the field of Diabetes and Metabolism. 

Founding Chair of the Department of Molecular & Cellular Endocrinology at the City of Hope Beckman Research Institute

Deputy Director of the Diabetes & Metabolism Research Institute

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Foster City, CA, 94404

Tel: 650-785-6225

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